Food & Friends Quality & Value

Food & Friends...
Quality & Value...

At first these words may seem unrelated, however it summons up two of things we’re passionate about.

At SLR International, we enjoy sharing great meals with family and friends. The pairing of remarkable flavors with good company is a source of comfort and enjoyment. These are the moments that we tend to remember and value the most.

At the same time when we shop for ourselves, we prefer to purchase the best quality product or service we can. Although such products may cost slightly more, a well made product ensures that we are able to enjoy it for many years to come. Many products today tend to last only a few years before being retired to a landfill site of some sort forcing us to find a replacement. This can be very frustrating. To us, a competitively priced product that doesn’t have to be replaced every few years is a better value. 

At SLR we embrace these philosophies. We import and distribute quality products with a focus on cooking and outdoor entertaining. Established in 2001, we have proudly partnered with most Major National Retailers as well as dedicated specialty retailers across the United States and Canada, who share our passion for quality, value and service.