Variation Ideas:
Cookies with wine
Cookies with pine nuts


Mix the flour, sugar, salt and vanillin; add the eggs previously beaten, almonds and yeast kneading with floured hands until it is well-blended. Make 2 small loaves of about 3-4 cm wide, place it on the cooking floor at 180°C I 356° F, close the door and cook for 30 min. Take the loaves out and cut them into 1 cm large slices. Wait until the oven cool down a little and place the cookies again for additional 10 min. Take them out of the oven, leave to cool and serve with passito wine.

Cooking Temp:

180°G I 350° F
Cooking: embers, closed oven door
Cooking time: 30 + 10 min 


Ingredients for 8 cookies: 

200g. 00 of flavor
150 g. of sugar
2 eggs
100g. of almonds with peel
1 tea spoon of dry dough for sweets